Magical Western Iceland

Reykjavik (Iceland) - Reykjavik(Iceland)

14th May - 19th May


Nature takes centre stage in Iceland, and for good reason.  To make the most of the country’s dramatic vistas in a short visit, join Blue Clipper for a 6 day voyage to experience the best that the Snaefellsnes Penninsula has to offer. This 90km long peninsula comprises a world of diversity.  Friendly towns and villages, spectacular mountains, a multitude of bird species nesting on treacherous cliffs, beaches of sand and pebbles popular among horseman and rock skimmers, remnants and relics scattered here and there of times and ways of life long past. 

The whole country in one place!

The Snaefellsnes peninsula in the West of Iceland is fittingly considered a miniature version of the whole country.  In addition to its distinctive Snaefellsjokull glacier, we will see black and even white – pretty unusual up here – sandy beaches, bird cliffs, photogenic mountains and volcanic craters, incredibly rich trout lakes and salmon rivers, lush valleys and unique harbours in charming fishing villages.  Should this not be enough, let’s also say that the “journey to the Centre of the Earth” told by Jules Verne begins right here, from Snaefell volcano.  So trust Jules!  Amazement and wind guaranteed.

On this voyage there will be opportunities for example to visit the small fishing village of Arnarstapi, the ancient fishing village Hellnar, visit Djupalonssandur beach and the iconic Kirkjufell mountain.


Reykjavik.  Join the vessel and use your leisure time to explore the unique charm of the world’s northernmost capital.

Seal Colony of Ytri Tunga

Ytri-Tunga is a very popular beach for seal spotting as a seal-colony resides here.  You can see both the common seal and the grey seal at Ytri-Tunga,

The Golden beaches of Langaholt

The golden sands of Langaholt beach is one of the only places in Iceland where you the sand is golden, not black.  There are fantastic views here of the magical Snaefellsjokull glacier from here.

Budir and Budahraun lava field

There is an old black painted timber church, Budakirkja church, and a graveyard at Budir.  It is the only reminder of a vibrant fishing village once located at Budir until the 19th Century. It is hard to imagine now that at Budir was once one of the main trading centres in the west.  The first church built at Budir dates back to 1703 and became an annex church from Stadastadur, but churches have been rebuilt here several times.  In 1816 Budakirkja was even shut down, but rebuilt in 1848 by a permission from the Danish King.  The current church was consecrated in 1987, rebuilt in the liking of the original church.  Budahraun lava field is vast, around 915 hectares and 5000 – 8000 years old.  The area is so beautiful and the pitch black lava stretches down to the pink and golden beaches creating a striking contrast. 

There is a crater in the middle of the lava field called Budaklettur or the Budaklettur Rock.  This is an extraordinary lava field because there is so much vegetation here and a lot of ferns.   

Arnarstapi and Hellnar

One of Iceland’s most beautiful natural harbours is at Arnarstapi and the extraordinary columnar basalt and cliff formations here look like artwork.  In former times Arnarstapi was a vibrant community.  As you walk around the harbour and the sea cliff’s you will hear and see a myriad of birds squawking, mostly kittiwakes, fulmars, gulls and the Arctic tern. 

There is a 2.5km hiking trail leading through the lava field between Arnarstapi and Hellnar.  Hellnar used to be one of the biggest fishing stations in Snaefellsnes with the oldest documented information about Hellnar being a fishing village dating back to 1560. 

Snaefellsjokull National Park

The Snaefellsjokull National Park is at the westernmost part of the peninsula, including the mystical glacier Snaefellsjokull.  Snaefellsjokull volcano is a dormant stratovolcano, 1446m high with 200m deep crater. The volcano hasn’t erupted for around 1800 years, but one never knows when the next eruption is going to take place.  And you may even meet the half-troll-half man Bardur Snaefellsas, who was one of the settlers of Snaefellsnes, but he disappeared into Snaefellsjokull ice cap after a family tragedy and has since been the protector of Snaefellsnes. 


Aspectos importantes

  • Explore the wild and rugged west coast of Iceland
  • Wildlife
  • Fjords and wildflower meadows
  • Shore excursions

What is included in the voyage cost:

  • All meals on board Blue Clipper.  This includes daily breakfast, lunch and 3-course evening meal.  
  • Refreshments throughout the day.
  • Use of safety equipment.
  • Accommodation in a twin ensuite cabin
  • All instruction and lectures on board by fully qualified crew
  • The services of our hospitality and guest services manager

What is not included:

  • Travel to and from the boat
  • Personal travel insurance
  • Any shore excursions and meals on shore (unless otherwise stated)
  • Alcoholic, soft drinks and merchandise on board.  A TAB system is operated on board with payment required at the end of the voyage via cash or card.




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