A Viking Saga

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Ullapool (UK) - Reykjavik (Iceland)     

10th June 2019 - 23rd June 2019

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Join us as we follow the journey of the ancient navigators on their journey home from the UK. A voyage of culture, nature, wildlife and hidden wonders. Think mysterious standing stones, dramatic cliffs, thundering waterfalls, otters, seals, golden eagles and arctic foxes. Bring your cameras for this raw and wild wilderness voyage. 



Your adventure begins in Ullapool, a town in the remote mainland highlands..  When you arrive in Ullapool you just know you’re about to begin an unforgettable adventure.  The harbour town is the portal to discovering a dramatic highland landscape, rich in its natural and historical heritage.  As we leave this Highland treasure, you’ll discover an ever-changing terrain of mountains, rugged coastlines and sandy beaches.  When it comes to heart-achingly beautiful scenery, the highlands of Scotland deliver.
The Faroes

Adrift in the whirling rhythmic North Atlantic Sea, a different world lingers. An idyllic escape, peacefully set among lush green valleys, imposing basalt cliffs, grand treeless moorlands and waterfalls plunging directly into the wind whipped ocean.  Unfathomable beauty mysteriously tucked away like a figment of a child’s imagination.  There will be opportunities to go ashore and visit these unspoilt islands, often referred to as Europe’s best kept secret!

Leaving the Faroes we begin our passage to Iceland, 600 NM across the North Atlantic Ocean, expect wildlife galore during this 5 day passage.


Magnificent scenery, clarity of light and the raw power of nature make Iceland a truly amazing place to visit.  Immerse yourself in ethereal panoramic landscapes and breathe in the pure mountain air of this unspoiled land. Watch waterfalls cascade from the rugged cliffs and spend hours watching the Whales and Dolphins, from the deck.  We hop around the coast of Iceland, anchoring in fjords, watching wildlife and wonder at the Midnight Sun. This epic expedition finishes in Reykjavik.




Points forts

  • The West Coast of Scotland
  • Dramatic Scenery
  • The Faroe Islands
  • Offshore sailing
  • Wildlife and wilderness


  1. Ullapool
  2. waypoint
  3. Faroe Islands
  4. Iceland East Coast
  5. Iceland South Coast
  6. Iceland South Coast
  7. Reykjavik