Atlantic Crossing - Follow the Tradewinds

От GBP 3'000

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13th April 2019 - 2nd May 2019

St Georges , Bermuda - Ponta Delgada, Azores

От GBP 3'000

+1 Дополнительные услуги


Crossing an ocean under sail is sure to be a dream for many.  It is a voyage of discovery.   Not only will you discover everything you need to know about sailing a traditional will discover a great deal about yourself.  

The rhythm of the ocean will determine life on board.  You establish a routine that is relaxing and comfortable but keeps you occupied.  Sailing at night with absolutely no light pollution makes the night sky brilliant.  Experience all the seas moods from glassy clams to white capped swells launching flying fish from crest to crest. 

This ocean passage is ideal for the ambitious sailor, world traveller or determined romantic.  Some people love the physical challenge of being hands on crew, others muck in but their real passion might be ocean bird spotting or just finding time for themselves.  


This voyage will end in the Azores.   For in-the-know travellers, the Azores have long represented a beckoning blip on the radar of possible destinations. The exposed tips of vast underwater mountains, the Azores lie on the nexus of the European, American and African tectonic plates, and they bear witness to the forces forever shaping our planet. This is a world of fumaroles, mudpots and scalding springs; of caverns, columns and grottoes formed from once molten rock; of blue lakes ringed by forests of laurel and cedar, and green pastures patterning the slopes of calderas.

You can combine this  voyage with the following voayge from the Azores - Liverpool and receive a discount for both voyages. 

Основной момент

  • Crossing the Atlantic Ocean
  • Visiting the Azores
  • Sunsets and Sunrises
  • Escaping the world of technology
  • Feeling at one with Nature


  1. Bermuda (BM)